Our Mustard Yellow & Grey Master Bedroom.

Having written about the ongoing saga of my bedding size issues last week, I thought I’d round up by telling you about our master bedroom. This was the last room we sorted out, which meant that I went to bed every night for a year gazing at piles of boxes and dusty clothes, and getting increasingly frustrated at our lack of proper storage. The trouble is that wardrobes seemed to be the only type of furniture that were almost impossible to do well cheaply. It’s fair enough, I was looking for two matching large items which needed to be sturdy, practical and attractive. I did hours and hours of research and eventually settled upon the IKEA Hemnes Wardrobe for £260 each. The main attraction was the sliding doors, which allowed us to position them close to the bedside tables without causing an issue when opening them.

The other alternative we considered was to add built-in floor to ceiling wardrobes, but this would have shortened the bedroom. If you want to maximise the appearance of space I think it’s better to retain the ceiling space above the wardrobe so that you can see the wall behind. Otherwise the room would appear to stop at the wardrobe line, losing a huge 60 cm off the length of the room.

Our curtains were another find from Next Home Clearance which is my go-to site for window treatments. They inspired the colour scheme for the room. The ceiling pendant with the gold inside was my first purchase however, and I love it. I find lighting very hard to choose but B&Q have one of the best affordable ranges I have come across Kapsel Pendant from DIY.com

Our bedroom decor is a combination of old and new items which I think prevents it from looking like I’ve just copied it from a catalogue. We’re lucky to have inherited several pieces from family and I’ve re-purposed a few items. Our ‘terrarium’ on the windowsill is a broken lampshade donated from a friend, and our gold lidded jar came from M&S with chocolate truffles in-from the same friend, she obviously knows my taste!

Here are my Top 5 Bedroom Buys this week:

matalan duvet

Seersucker Duvet from Matalan

Available in double to superking for £35-£45. No need to iron! Say no more.

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 9.16.54 PM

Cactus Print Cushion from George Asda

Add a touch of colour to your bed. Orange and Turquoise with blue pom poms £6


Skarig Wall Clock from IKEA

Navy Blue with Gold Detail. This classically styled clock has a quartz movement so should keep accurate time, unlike some of the cheaper clocks on the market. £14

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 10.47.05 PM

Jacquard-weave rya rug from H&M Home

Available in light green or beige. 140 x 200 cm for £119.99. The thick pile would be soft underfoot when you step out of bed.

B&Q Lamp

Markham Blue table lamp from B&Q

A slimline bedside lamp in matte finish. £18. Being my favourite colour I am drawn to this, but this looks like it could cost four times the price.

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